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Traditional Japanese Tea With Proven Efficacy in Weight Loss

Matcha Slim Matcha Slim

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Why choose MATCHA Slim?

MATCHA Slim is a traditional Japanese tea with an ancient history. Ever wondered what makes Japanese people so thin and healthy? Their secret is in the matcha tea they consume regularly. This traditional drink is responsible for their flawless skin and figure! Matcha tea also is known for its fat burning and detoxic properties.

Besides providing all the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits for centuries, Matcha tea is also a ticket to a healthier and more fit you!

MATCHA Slim is a natural source of antioxidants, fat burner and energy boosting product. It works by speeding up your metabolism and thus providing you with more energy while burning your body fat. MATCHA Slim can naturally help your body speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories and reduce the excess fat storage. It has natural mood-boosting, detoxing, and appetite-suppressing qualities.

1. It’s 100% natural herbal tea

MATCHA Slim is completely natural product. MATCHA Slim is essentially processed matcha green tea leaves that have been stone-ground into a delicate powder.

2. Multiple beneficial effects

MATCHA Slim has multiple beneficial effects – not only it will burn your body fat, but thanks to its detoxing properties It will provide you with clean skin and enough energy during the day.

3. Safe to use

Due to its natural composition, its completely safe to use. For best results, follow the instructions written on the product package.

Ingredients of MATCHA Slim

Matcha Green Tea extract

Matcha Green Tea extract

Matcha green tea leaves contain vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients that will help your body detox and burn fat and provide with more energy.

Citric acid from lemon and lime

Citric acid from lemon and lime

Lemon citric acid is known for its beneficial properties for safe weight loss, improved digestion. It will also help you lose excess water in the body.

How to Use MATCHA Slim?


Add a teaspoon of MATCHA Slim in 150 ml of hot water.


To get a smooth drink quickly, use a special bamboo whisk to prepare matcha tea.


Let it rest for 10 minutes and enjoy your matcha tea.

MATCHA Slim - Healthy and Safe Way to Lose Weight

In order to lose weight, there is no need for calorie counting or spending too many hours in gym. The secret to having a slim body was revealed by Japanese monks centuries ago: powdered matcha tea leaves. Precisely, this plant is the main ingredient of MATCHA Slim tea.

MATCHA Slim is a unique product created on the basis of ancient traditions with the addition of active ingredients to speed up the metabolism and improve your digestion. Matcha tea has an intense flavor. It contains antioxidants and vitamins that actively participate in metabolism and increase its speed in a natural and healthy way!

If you want to lose weight you don’t have to starve, be tired and exhausted all day! With MATCHA Slim you can have slim figure and enough energy thought the day.

User reviews



I would have never thought that a cup of morning tea would help me with my overweight. Before, I always felt tired and didn’t not feel like doing anything, but after discovering MATCHA Slim the situation has changed. I am full of energy and I also lost extra weight. I love this product and I recommend it to everyone.

Carolina, 35 años


I am delighted with this tea. It has very rich and intense flavor with an incredible color. Thanks to it, I managed to lose weight. Before MATCHA Slim, it was impossible to eat without feeling bloated. Now the bloated feeling disappeared, and I enjoy my new body and definitely feel healthier and more confident.

Diego, 43 años


I have been drinking MATCHA Slim on a regular basis for about six months. I have forgotten what is fatigue, bad mood and low energy. I am no longer tired every day and my stomatch got significantly flatter. Now I have well defined figure like I always wanted. Now my boyfriend also started using it! I love MATCHA tea!

NOTE: Results may vary depending on individual characteristics. The manufacturer does not guarantee the same results to all users.

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